Personal Chef & Catering NYC


Private chef NYC Personal chef manhattanSALADS

1.Warm Goat cheese & meslcun salad.

2. French beans, grape tomatoes and sliced almonds.

3. Baby spinach, clementines, grape fruit, raisins & sliced parmesan cheese.

4. Heart of palms, french beans, cherry tomatoes & pancetta.

5. Frissee lettuce, pears, roasted peppers & radish.



1.Poached eggs, ham & English muffins.

2.Scrambled eggs with puff pastry, Gruyere cheese & bacon.

3.Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon , creme fraiche & french toasts.

4. Sunny side eggs, American cheese & pastrami.

5. Omelet *either plain or with cheese, mushrooms, vegetables & toasts.

*Sides of asparagus, mushrooms sauteed, tomatoes comfit, bacon, Swiss cheese or gruyere cheese.



1. Fruits salad.

2. Apple, Cinnamon & raisin crumble.

3. Waffles, berries & whipped cream.

4. Muffins: banana/nuts, apple/cinnamon/raisins, vanilla, blueberries, chocolate or clementine.

5. Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache or brownies.