Personal Chef & Catering NYC

Main Courses


1. Fillet mignon: With black pepper. Grilled or Pan seared.
2. NY strip steak: With rosemary & garlic. Grilled or Pan seared.
3. Skirt steak: BBQ style.

1. Chops: Grilled or Pan seared.
2. medallion: Marsala, piccata or Milanese.
3. Osobucco: stew with vegetables, herbs & red wine.

1.Chops: Grilled or Pan seared.
2.Leg: Roasted with rosemary & garlic.
3. Ground with eggplants, pasta & Greek yogurt sauce.

1. Chops: roasted.
2. Loin: Grilled or Pan seared.
3. Baby back ribs BBQ style.

1. Black Cod: Pan seared with lemon & butter sauce.
2. Sea Bass: baked with champagne & tomatoes sauce.
3. Salmon: Pan seared or grilled with lemon, dill & olive oil.
4. Sole: Gray-Lemon: With lemon & capers sauce.
5. Tilapia: Pan seared with white wine & thyme sauce.
6. Trout.
7. Whole fish: market option/consult with the chef.

1. Chicken, Cornish Hen or Turkey: Roasted.
2. Chicken Milanese.
3. Chicken Cordon Bleu.
4. Chicken Francoise.
5. Chicken roulade filled with pesto or sun dried tomatoes pesto.

Sea Food 
1. Mussels: White wine, garlic & parsley.
2. Clams: White wine, garlic & parsley.
3. Calamari: Fried.
4. Oysters: Rockefeller.
5. Scallops: Sauteed with lemon, thyme & butter sauce.
6. Shrimp: Sauteed with lemon & butter sauce.
*Cooking methods available upon meat requests.


Side Dishes

1. Baby carrots sauteed.
2. Broccoli. Optional with sesame seeds & sesame oil.
3. Caramelized onions.
4. Greens sauteed: French beans, green beans or asparagus.
5. Mushrooms sauteed: white bottom, cremini, portobello fresh and/or dried.
6. Potatoes: roasted or mashed.
7. Spinach croquettes.
8. Spinach or Swiss chard sauteed with garlic.
9. Sweet potatoes or yam: baked & caramelized or mashed.
10. Vegetables brunoise: peppers, onions, carrots.
11. Brussels sprout & caramelized nuts sauteed.
12. Roasted vegetables: peppers, eggplants, onions.
13. Pilaf rice: Plain or with saffron. White, whole grain or black rice.
14. Couscous: regular or Israeli: Plain or with herbs.
15. Asian noodles, sugar snap peas, water chestnuts & porcini mushrooms.
16. Barley & fresh herbs.
17. Vegetables lasagna: layers of vegetables & mozzarella cheese.



1. Penne rigatti with mozzarella, basil & cherry tomatoes.
2. Fusilli with lite tomatoes sauce.
3. Campanellei with light cream & mushrooms.
4. Spaghetti bolognese
5. Home made gnocchi: potatoes, ricotta & spinach or butternut squash.
6. Beef lasagna (french crepes dough).
7. Lenguini with lamb ragu.



1. Red wine sauce.
2. White wine sauce.
3. Shrimp sauce.
4. Roasted peppers culis.
5. Pink sauce: creamy tomatoes sauce.